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Manage Voicemail

With NYECOM/Plainview Telephone Co.’s voicemail you can actually listen to your voicemails whenever or where ever you can get your email.


It will automatically send them to any one or more email addresses that you set up.

It’s even easier than dialing in to get your messages.


Not only do you have the regular features of the voicemail, which will pick up your calls if you’re on the phone or away from home…It can forward them to any valid email address(s) that you want. Of course, you always have the option to retrieve them by phone from anywhere in the world.

To dial in to check voicemails:


1.  From your home phone, call 402-582-7777. 


2.  To call from another phone or cell phone when you are away from home, call your home telephone number.  Wait for voicemail to answer, then push *   You will be asked for your PIN #.  If you are not sure what your PIN # is, call our office.

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