NYECOM Technology Center

The Technology Center is located on West Locust Avenue. The Tech Center is set up to show current technology that is available to our customers. We can demonstrate security cameras, advanced Wi-Fi setups, and Smart Home technology. 

We occasionally offer classes for beginners and for more advanced Internet users. Our classes cover things such as setting up and using basic e-mail to using an Excel spreadsheet, or information on Smart Home Technology. 

We also offer free one-on-one tutorials. Bring in your smartphone, laptop, or tablet if you need help with those devices. Give us a call at the telephone office to set up a time or come in during our regular hours.

The Tech Center is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week from 10 a.m. to noon. 

Class held at NYECOM Tech Center
Participants NYECOM Tech Center
NYECOM Tech Center Building
Inside View of NYECOM Tech Center
Inside View of NYECOM Tech Center