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Security & Surveillance Systems

With today’s technology you can easily monitor your farm, your home, or your business. Let us install a security system for you that you can access with a phone or computer app.


You will feel more secure when you can check up on your home when you are at work. Make calving easier by using cameras in the barn or outside pens. Keep an eye on grain bins and other outbuildings. Get alarms if there is unscheduled activity in monitored areas.


New technologies such as Amazon Echo and all other Smart Home devices are expanding their offerings in the monitoring system technologies.


Call us today for a price quote for cameras and installation.

Gig Certified Internet Provider icon

NYECOM/Plainview Telephone Co Inc. is a Gig Certified Internet service provider. We were one of the first companies to obtain this honor from NTCA. This means that we can and do provide Gigabit Internet speeds, which is an important need for several businesses.

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